Elevate Your Thinking

Perspective. That’s what it takes to really see yourself in a way that provides you with life’s big answers.

This is especially true when you’re considering making a big life change, a transition to a new way of living or thinking – or stepping out of your comfort zone to explore new opportunities, people, places or experiences.

A number of my friends have made big, brave life changes in recent years to follow their lives’ passions with travel, business and love/family. They’re all living proof that big thinking is the key to happiness – and success in life.

  • Two of them have departed from Corporate America to travel the world.
  • One has transitioned from an office job to a personal stylist and yogi.
  • One left a large consulting firm and is celebrating eight years of running her own business.
  • One left behind her life’s work managing staff and nannies for affluent families to follow her dream of having a family of her own (She now has two beautiful children).
  • And, one runs a successful mom blog and teaches college students about social media when she’s not working her day job in corporate finance.

I would argue that the common denominator between all of these people is perspective, big thinking and the strength and commitment to follow through on big ideas.

So, if you ever feel like you’re living in a constant cycle of “same stuff, different day,” I remind you to elevate your thinking.

Look for the experiences that bring you joy and a sense of peace. Are they in balance with everything else? If not, it may be time for a change.

And, remember, as Alexander Pope said, “Never gallop Pegasus to death.”