When Does Loyalty Makes Life Easy?

Holiday shopping is definitely something that can consume a lot of time — especially if you have a lot of folks to shop for and you prefer going into stores versus shopping online…

That said, there are so many deals from retailers that start even before Black Friday that many of us are keeping our eyes peeled for coupons, sales, groupons and more to keep holiday spending in check all through the holidays. And, that bit extra time many of us spend looking for deals, here and there, can really be worth it by the time all the gifts are wrapped and under the tree.

But I wonder… when you shop with retailer you regularly spend money with, are you getting even more value to add to those sales, coupons and holiday deals?  I’m talking about loyalty programs, the kind that earn you airline miles, extra dollars at the checkout or an overall percent off your total bill when you shop there…

Whether you use coupons and rewards to keep spending in control during the holidays — or all year long — I’m curious to know what you think of them.

If you have 60 seconds and an opinion on this, I hope you’ll click through this brief survey.

Note:  This survey has been provided by my employer, TXU Energy.