If Life Were Only Like This…

I just read a story about a football team in Minnesota that used Dramatic Chipmunk, a meme that’s been around for a few years, in a larger-than-life broadcast to distract the other team’s kicker…  as he was prepping for a field goal.

I laughed, felt a little bit sorry for the kicker and thought about a scene in Annie Hall (the one where Woody Allen pulls author Marshall McLuhan out of thin air to shut down a guy who challenges his opinion).

Life is much more complex than a football game or a movie scene, but we all deal with competition and the frustration that comes with being challenged by others — or just by life in general.

If there were quick-hit solutions like using memes on big screens or having access to celebrated authors to help us solve our daily challenges, it would really make life easy, wouldn’t it?

Since day-to-day life isn’t quite that simple, I suggest giving yourself the time and space to step back from your challenges, reflect and have a sense of humor about them if you can. This may not be as immediate as a quick fix, but it can help you find peace with the obstacles you face right now.

A little perspective can also help you decide which challenges are worth your time and effort to pursue and which aren’t…

In the meantime, give yourself permission to enjoy the comedy that’s part of being human.