Enjoy Today, Mom

The past few weeks have been full of Mother’s Day gift ideas, cards and stories that celebrate Mom. As the clock ticks closer to Sunday, I’m sure cards, flowers, gifts and gatherings are flooding into homes across the country, thanks to a little thoughtful planning by loved ones.

While working to collect some of Mom’s best advice from bloggers for a client earlier in the week, I was thinking about all the things my mom has shared with me over the years… And, I remembered this note I found in my kitchen cabinets after she had spent a few days with me about five or six years ago. It said, “Enjoy today… I love you, Mom.”

It’s one of several I found in random little places, like the freezer, my silverware drawer, and other unexpected everyday places to find a little reason to smile. They instantly lifted my spirits each time I discovered a new one, and they’re still a cherished memory.

That’s one of uncountable acts of love and kindness my mom has shared with me in my lifetime, and it’s a perfect example of how even the smallest thoughtful act can have a big effect on a loved one. It’s also one of about a million reasons I’m glad we all have a dedicated day to say, “Enjoy today! I love you too, Mom!”