Are You Saving Like a Millennial?

The bulk of our population today includes two oceans of people — millennials and boomers — separated by a narrow reef of people called Generation X.

This infographic from shows some interesting distinctions between all three generations in terms of consumer spending, life stage, family and home ownership.

It also reflects some interesting details on family life and personal finance trends. According to the resarch provided by John Burns Real Estate Consulting:

  • Millennials are saving the most.
  • Gen X is paying the most per month for housing.
  • Boomers are downsizing and leveraging their home equity to keep mortgage payments lower.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 5.39.50 PM

Whether you’re saving like a Millennial or not, this checklist from may be of use to you.

Consumer insights like this are useful for understanding target audiences for business and communications. They also remind us of the realities that our friends, family and colleagues may be facing with personal finance.

What stands out to you from the insights above?