Is Everything Really Temporary?

Over the holidays, I watched a movie called “Ideal Home.” It shares the story of two men who open their home to an estranged grandson they have never met. It made me laugh and cry, and I’ll definitely watch it again because it really had heart.


But, there was a pivotal scene in the film that stayed with me: At a point where the child was worried he would have to leave the happy home he shared with his two dads, Steve Coogan’s character told the boy, “Everything is temporary.”

I get it. Yes, many things in life are temporary — including life itself. People, relationships, where you live and work, who you’re married to (in some cases), how much hair you have, the way you look, where your life path takes you… These are all temporary. And there are many, many more realities that are.

But, I don’t agree that everything in life is temporary. There is one thing that I know positively isn’t: Love.

Just think about it.