When You Don’t Have Time to Exhale… Find It

Does this sound familiar?  Monday to Friday: Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Saturday-Sunday: Endless errands, appointments, and chores that have you covered in to-dos with only your hands to handle most — if not all — of it on your own.

Add a few bits of fun in there, and by Monday morning, when you start over again, the alarm clock’s siren seems, well, unfair.  Where did the week end go?   Oh, and in that time, a few new “to dos” popped up while you were watering plants, dropping off dry cleaning, and checking on the veterinarian’s schedule for cleening the cat’s teeth… (OK, so maybe that’s just my schedule…)

Nomatter how old you are or where you are in your life, your day-to-day can be a real energy vampire. There is so much to do between work, life, children if you have them, school if you have it… volunteer commitments in the community if you have them…. It’s amazing to me sometimes that we’re all not exploding like dropped soft drink cans.

I think the big challenge for busy people isn’t really finding the time to do healthy things for ourselves, it’s cutting out the some of the energy- and time-draining things we do, day-to-day, to make room for soul soothing activities or other things we enjoy. That’s the focus of this blog: learning to look at life in terms of what’s good for us in stead of living on auto-pilot in between working, eating, sleeping and our to-do lists — especially for those of us who have it all to do by ourselves.

Single people who live alone, road warriors (and the people married to them/living with them), single parents, stay-at-home and go-to-office parents, students… we all juggle a lot.  And when the unexpected pops up — like the A/C going out in 106-degree Texas heat, it’s one more thing that jumps into the schedule…

I hope you’ll find this blog useful, and I hope you’ll share your tips and ideas too.

After the A/C went out recently, I found a good way to ease a little life stress: a lounge at a friend’s pool.

I guess it isn’t that hard to find — or make — the time to exhale, is it?