If You Can’t Laugh at Yourself… Learn

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 10.40.32 PMhttp://www.collegehumor.com/e/6828017

Let’s face it. There are times in life when your actual day-to-day can start to feel like what’s happening to Elizabeth Banks in this video… When things don’t work out the way you think they should — or in ways you don’t expect, it can be frustrating. It can also be funny if you are stuck in the situation for good reasons.

In Banks’ case, she’s making you laugh to help raise awareness to support ending Malaria in Africa. And, while Malaria is definitely NOT hilarious, the video is… And so is the way Banks is rolling with it, pie after pie in the face…

The absurd situation reminds me a little of any time you’re stuck in a scenario that maybe seems full of constant barriers or interruptions to what you’re trying to do/achieve. Whether it’s a project, a chore, a conversation, a job or even a relationship that just doesn’t seem to make it easy for you to get from “point a” to “point b,” you can do one of two things: give up, or keep trying.

Having a sense of humor about yourself when you’re stuck with riduculous circumstances can help you turn your frustration into something a little less negative — whether you’re laughing at the situation or the way you’re dealing with it. Either way, what’s the harm in taking a little of the pressure off of yourself?

And, yes I speak from experience. In fact, I’m freaking hilarious:)