I Bet You’re Famous on Social Media


“We’re all famous to a few people” is something my friend Joe Wison says… And, he has a great point. Think about the people you trade belly laughs with the most over social channels. Guess who’s famous?

In today’s reality, the number of friends or followers you have through social platforms are details we all notice. But, that’s all they really are. Details. One of the most valuable components of social is the real relationships that drive interactions here. They’re what make it so much fun.

Think about how many Facebook friends you haven’t seen since high school. How many tweets have you shared/liked/enjoyed from someone you’ve never met? How many people have you congratulated on a promotion or work anniversary through LinkedIn? How many people have you connected with, first, through Instagram images, Snapchat stories or Pinterest boards?

I’m not really asking you for numbers. If you can count even one of any of these examples, you’re living proof of that using social media means you’re part of a community. And, depending on how many social platforms you use, you’re probably part of more than one!

Your social community or communities may be friends you’ve known for years. It may include those you’ve made virtually. And, it may be a mix of both. If you’re managing social for a brand or business, it’s likely friends and followers you’ve found and connected with, first, through social media channels.

Whether you manage social for yourself, an employer or both, a few principles apply:

  • Know what you’re trying to accomplish.
  • Be consistent with what and when you share.
  • Learn/understand the content your friends/followers want and like from you.
  • Take the time to engage with friends who react to what you share.
  • Celebrate others as much or more than yourself.
  • Grow and cultivate relationships along the way.

Sound familiar? I’ll bet your favorite internet neighbors (and friends IRL) know and live these principles every day. Do you?