Beat Holiday Stress: Be Real With Yourself

shutterstock_540287113The holidays can bring all kinds of joy.  They can also be insanely busy, full of people, parties, extra calories, increased spending and extra pressure we put on ourselves to make everything “great” for everyone we love. Depending on how you handle stress and excitement, this can lead to anxiety, depression or a combination of both.

If that happens, remember, it’s OK to take care of yourself. One thing I learned after years of therapy is that admitting to myself that I’m feeling something is the healthiest way to process it. So, recognize and feel what you feel, whatever that may be this season. And, keep in mind a few steps you can take to help neutralize holiday stress:

  • Be kind to yourself.
  • Set realistic expectations of others.
  • Offset the chaos with quiet time when you can.
  • Make a point to see the positives that are all around you.
  • Try to have a sense of humor about imperfections that are bound to happen.

Staying ahead of holiday stress can be one of the best ways to beat it. But, let’s face it, it will probably always be around… It’s how you deal with it that can mean the difference in your holiday psyche this season. So, give yourself a break. You deserve it!