United We Are Strong

The image featured in this post is a poster from 1943 – a time when the world faced a dark, unavoidable threat. In response, people made sacrifices: Some fought on the front lines. Others worked in factories, conserved at home, planted victory gardens… And, collectively, they rose up in ways that changed their lives – and the world – forever.

It’s over 70 years later, and the world needs a united front in a very different way:  Our enemy is a virus. Our battlefield is anywhere we could breathe microscopic COVID-19 droplets. And, our weapons (at home) are social distancing, handwashing, home-made face masks…

The message of this WW II poster wasn’t intended for a pandemic. But, it rings true for us in one way: It will take all of us working together to make our world a safer place for everyone. Hopefully, this is what we have begun in recent weeks.

Beyond our front doors, heroism and selflessness continue in ways we’ll never forget: Doctors, nurses and medical staff are risking their lives in overwhelmed hospitals. First responders, military and government officials are working to keep us safe. People working for grocery and online stores, restaurants and shipping or delivery services are helping us get what we need…

Whether we work on the front lines or not, you and I play a critical role in this fight. Don’t underestimate it. Yes, staying home is stressful; but, it’s vital right now. Why? If we don’t do our part to stop the spread of the virus, it’s like pouring gasoline on the flames of this health and economic crisis. That makes it harder for everyone who is working so hard to extinguish it.

So, it’s on us to stay the course and stay prepared for what’s ahead of us. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s time to double down on our efforts.

On Sunday, interviews with three of our nation’s top medical experts warned that the next two weeks will bring COVID-19 cases and fatalities that outpace anything we’ve seen so far. They advised us to do all we can to avoid leaving our homes – even for food or prescriptions. So, it’s clear the situation is going to get worse before it gets better.

To move past this, we have to stand strong – and we have to stand together. We must do what we to can live through it – and all we can to avoid making it worse.

If we’re united in this, we are millions strong against an enemy we can defeat with enough time and effort. Will it be easy? No. Will it be immediate? No. Will it make a difference? Yes.

So, rise up. Stay focused. Stay informed. And – unless you’re an essential service provider – please stay home.