We’re Together While We’re Apart

I admit it. I’m taking a (brief) break from the news right now. I’m not pretending the world is all butterflies and rainbows. Seeing how many thousands are sick – including a few people I know – is a harsh and frightening reality. But, giving yourself a mental break every so often doesn’t mean you don’t care. It’s a small way to nurture balance when the negatives in life are overwhelming.

Today, I”m pausing to reflect on something I hope you recognize too.

Over the past several days, what have you noticed about the ways your friends, family and colleagues are responding to the conditions around us? If you’re blessed with a job, do you realize the experiences you have in common with coworkers? Are you spending time on any of the same around-the-house activities as other people you know?

These bingo cards share some examples of that.

The first one features some things my colleagues and I have shared, said or done over web and video calls more times than I can count lately. If it fits your reality right now, I hope it reminds you of the human connections that are still happening in your life.

talked with mute button on (3)

If your current day to day doesn’t involve web or video calls for business, this second card suggests several other actions or activities. How many do you have in common with your family, friends or colleagues in recent days?

My Post

Playing bingo won’t repair what’s wrong with our world today. And, I’m not suggesting our human experience right now is fun and games. I am suggesting that we pause to remember the ways we’re experiencing life together – while we’re staying apart.

Please stay safe and well.