You’re Not Alone at Home

Sheltering in place may feel strange, but we know it’s safe and smart right now. It’s my second weekend of it here in Texas, and I’m noticing a personal trend: I’m connecting more with friends than I have in a long, long time. 

Does this sound familiar? I’m enjoying updates from friends and family via Facebook and other social channels. I’ve been texting and calling others to check on them directly. A group of my friends is organizing a Zoom call for next week…

My point is this: I don’t feel alone.

If you do, I encourage you to connect with someone you know. Here’s why:

I’m grateful for the people in my life who are making proactive efforts to just talk – about whatever – while we’re all sharing this grim, strange experience. It seems to balance some of the darkness we’re all absorbing through news reports of the current health and economic crisis. It’s reassuring to know people I love are safe and well. And, it’s good to listen and learn how others are taking care of everyday life right now.

As an example, this morning I connected with two of my best friends from childhood. One lives on the west coast (Portland) and one on the east (New Jersey). While our zip codes and home lives are different, our reflections on what’s happening around us are pretty similar. We’re all focused on staying safe, checking on our parents, organizing food and deliveries, choosing at-home activities that give us a break… 

We’re also realizing we share something else:

As kids who grew up together in the 70s and 80s, we’re feeling closer to our grandparents in a way we never knew we could – as we remember their quiet, calm steadiness, their saving and non-wasteful ways, their victory gardens… Their resilience after surviving an economic depression and a world war inspires us to stay strong. It proves bright chapters do follow dark ones in life. And, it gives us a kind of hope we never imagined we would need.

Today’s conversation was good for all three of us in many ways. And, it connected us with a lot more than each other.

So, I encourage you to call, text or private message someone in your life. Talk, listen and share. And, remember, you’re not alone. Not by a long shot.

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